Control & Instrumentation Cables

Industrial manufacturing plants for control, communication, data & voice transmission signals.


Instrumentation Cables are single or multi-pair/triple elements designed to carry signals. They are used for connecting instruments and electrical equipment especially in plants where process control is required, where transducer-generated signals are transmitted through to panels, controllers and other devices.

The construction with individually shielded pair is typically used for analog signals and the construction with overall shield only is used for digital signals.


  • Conductor: Solid Copper Class 1 and Class2
  • Insulation: PVC or XLPE
  • Shield: Aluminum foil
  • Armoured: SWA or SWB
  • Outer Sheath: PVC / LSZH
  • Voltage:300/500V


Typical applications are in the process industry:

  • Oil & Gas,
  • Chemical and Petrochemical,
  • Water Treatment,
  • Mining and
  • More generally in any plant where a process automation is implemented.