Earthing & Lightning Protection

Robust earthing materials to ensure the reliability of the entire lightning protection.


A comprehensive range of lightning protection accessories including Aerial Elevation Rod, Multiple Point, Terminal Base, Ridge Saddle, Clamps, Clips & Holders.

High quality earthing &lightning protection systems which include grounding rods, polymer & concrete earth chambers, air terminals, ground enhancing chemical compounds etc.


Earth Rods

  • Externally Threaded Solid Copper Earth Rod
  • Internally Threaded Solid Copper Earth Rod
  • Copper Bonded Grounding Rods
  • Stainless Steel Earth Rod

Lightning Rod & Accessories

  • ESE Based Lightning Protection Air Terminal
  • Copper Air Terminals

Earthing Accessories

  • Coupler
  • Driving Stud
  • Earth Rod Seals
  • Grounding Rod Clamps
  • Earth Bars For Earth Pits
  • Unthreaded Rods Couplers
  • Polymer Earth Pit Chambers
  • Concrete Earth Pit Chambers
  • Unthreaded Rods Driving Heads
  • Solid Copper Earth Rod – Accessories
  • Ground Enhancing Chemical Compounds