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An industrial fan is a highly efficient, heavy duty air flow device that is constructed from exceptionally durable materials and components to withstand stringent environments and operate longer to provide constant air flow and pressure. The strength of industrial fans is due to the materials used to manufacture them, which include ball or roller bearings, continuous welds, and housings made of cast aluminum and stainless steel.

There is a wide range of uses of industrial fans, from cooling large commercial buildings to providing cooling for technical assembly operations. Regardless of the size of the workspace, air flow and circulation are critical to the health of workers and the efficiency of an application.

There are several types of industrial fans that vary in the amount of air to be moved, their motor, area to be cooled, and a variety of other factors.

Product Range

  • Air Foil Fan
  • Backward Curve Fan
  • Backward Inclined Fan
  • Radial Blade Fan
  • Radial Tipped Fan
  • Paddle Wheel Fan
  • Forward Curved Fan
  • High Temperature Axial Fans
  • Tube Axial Fan
  • Vane Axial Fan
  • Variable Pitch Fan
  • Wind Tunnel Fan
  • Cooling Fan
  • Inline Duct Fan



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